2015 Colour Trends

Guildford Green 2015 Colour

Colour Of The Year & Colour Trends 2015

Benjamin Moore has recently released their Colour of the Year 2015: Guildford Green (HC-116). This soft pale “silvery green” can be used in modern or traditional spaces. I could see it paired with a taupy gray like 2109-60 Portland Gray for an earthy feel, or with 2135-70 Patriotic White for a tone-on-tone monochromatic look. Or imagine it with AF-650 Caponata, a rich deep purple… love it.  (All of these accent colours are also featured in the Colour Trends 2015 too!)

Colour of the Year: HC-116 Guilford Green

This beautiful bathroom has been painted out with the Color of the Year: HC-116 Guildford Green. I love the contrast against the wood floors and crisp white mouldings.

Guilford Green is soft and elegant, and versatile in all spaces.  It’s a neutral that is timeless, yet fresh and soft. How would you use this colour in your home?

HC-116 Guilford Green

Here it is again. I love this bedroom – the soft green walls work effortlessly with the white and linen bedding. Pops of greenery continue with the relaxed, earthy feel of the space. It seems so cozy in here.


The Colour Trends 2015 collection feature a variety of shades selected from 4 families of colours: Berry, Green, Blush, and Blue. I have selected a few of my favorites.




Smoky and rich, these bold tones are the perfect way to incorporate a pop of colour into your home. Grayed-down purples and reds, they pair nicely with taupes and creams, soft shades of gray and even blue-greens for a strong contrast.

I love 2083-30 Old Claret. This deep, dark raspberry shade looks fantastic paired with rich grays or blacks (think HC-166 Kendall Charcoal) or even 2130-30 Almost Black, as shown below.

Benjamin Moore 2083-30 Old Claret

2083-30 Old Claret walls, with 2130-30 Almost Black sandwiched in between. Bold and fun but sophisticated. I love the jewel tone accessories.

Benjamin Moore's AF-650 Caponata

Another favorite from the Berry collection is AF-650 Caponata. This rich deep plum is beautiful and bold in an elegant, feminine way. I love it paired with taupe and whites, as above. It would also look stunning with golds or silvers.

But I REALLY love it here… Used on the ceiling and baseboard mouldings, pulling the monochromatic look together in an unexpected way. Goes to show the huge impact that lighting has on our perception of colour!

Colour Trends 2015 - AF-650 Caponata

Isn’t this pretty? Not to mention the beautiful wallpaper feature wall to bring the whole look together!



Shades of green are very versatile as they are so frequently found together in nature – in trees and plants across the globe, every shade and tone of green from mint to sage, chartreuse to emerald and every shade in between.

Featured in this year’s Colour Trends are soft greens that can be used as neutrals. Not overpowering or too bold, these colours can be easily paired with strong accents or with earth tones, with light tones or with dark.
A long-time favorite colour of mine is 2149-40 Timothy Straw. This soft-yet-still-bright yellow-green is a great way to incorporate some colour into an otherwise neutral space.

Benjamin Moore: 2149-40 Timothy Straw

This beautiful space is a a great example of 2149-40 Timothy Straw. Used here on the ceiling and walls, the space is opened up, bringing the outdoors in. Used here with 3 other shades of green, it shows you how easy it is to mix-and-match with shades of green.

Another one of the Greens is CC-660 Jack Pine. A rich dark green with a blue undertone that works well with shades of yellow, red and looks especially great with neutrals.

Benjamin Moore: CC-660 Jack Pine

This space combines layers of shades of green using CC-660 Jack Pine. I love this shade as it feels like a neutral and acts as a subtle background, allowing the eye to be drawn outside.

This colour is timeless – could be great for the holidays, and then keep it all year-round!



These shades are the most muted of the bunch – soft pastels and barely-there off-whites that give just a hint of colour to a blank canvas. Light pinks and taupes add a touch of femininity against some of the masculine blues and greens of this year’s Colour Trends.


Benjamin Moore Colour Trends 2015

Another example from the Blush collection of the 2015 Colour Trends. This soft taupe 2109-60 Portland Gray fades into the background and lets a few beautiful pieces of furniture take centre stage.

Pink Damask Benjamin Moore

Now this is my very, very favourite of the Colour Trends for 2015.

OC-72 Pink Damask is featured here in this relaxed living room space. These amazing grand windows are highlighted with a bold pop of colour to work with the pale pink walls. Muted tones and clean lines, this look is soft and minimalistic. I want to live here!

Colour Trends 2015

Using 2108-50 Silver Fox on the walls creates a soft neutral setting to feature soft colours and textures and beautiful furniture pieces. I love the trunk they are using as a coffee table!



Last but certainly not least, we have our collection of Blue hues.  I find that blues are so versatile… just like a great pair of blue jeans. Dark or light, they almost work as a neutral, and work well with other blues for a monochromatic look, or with a bold yellow or orange for a great complimentary contrast.

Benjamin Moore Blues

I love how tones of blues can be mixed and matched. Shown here in this bright kitchen, three shades of blues come together in a fun, whimsical way. 2128-40 Oxford Gray on the walls, 2062-60 Blue Hydrengea on the cabinets and 2135-70 Patriotic White on the ceiling pulls the look together.


Benjamin Moore 2015 Colour Trends

2128-40 Oxford Gray is used again here, for a totally different look. A soft blue-gray that looks fabulous with creams and whites, and also bold pops of colour, like they have done here.

2015 Colour Trends

Now here’s a blue that can really hold its own. 2062-70 Harbour Fog creates a bold and bright backdrop for this modern office. No artwork needed here!


SO… what do you think of the 2015 Colour Trends? Will you be using any of these *recently-found favorites* for your next home design project?

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t_o0P0lJpI&list=UUISS_OAlDoLVLvH2dXtMm9A