Candice Olsen Designer Paint Colours


Revere Pewter HC-172

Revere Pewter (HC-172) – a favourite of Candice Olsen and our customers alike!

Benjamin Moore Candice Olsen

Candice Olson, one of North America’s most popular interior designers and host of the hit TV shows “Divine Design” and “Candice Tells All,” uses only Benjamin Moore paint colours to create awe-inspiring room transformations with her unique design style.

Candice Olson has joined Benjamin Moore to develop an exclusive new fan deck that is sure to inspire: Candice Olson Designer Paint Colours. It includes her favourite Benjamin Moore neutral paint colours—from reliable go-to tones to bold accent shades—resulting in a sophisticated, nature-inspired collection of timeless, unique colour combinations for any room in your home.

Candice Olsen Designer Paint Colours showcases her favourite Benjamin Moore neutrals and so much more.

Horizon OC-53

Horizon (OC-53) – A pale, effortless grey, this winsome shade is a plank slate on which to set forth rooms ranging from minimalist chic to richly extravagant.

Dark Pewter 2122-10

Dark Pewter (2122-10) – A blue undertone distinguishes this deep, decorative shade of grey, a colour both stylish and versatile.

White Down OC-131

White Down (OC-131) – The lightest grey undertone gives this cozy white its feathery softness. Delicate with simplistic beauty, this shade works effortlessly in almost any space.

Stone Brown 2122-30

Stone Brown (2122-30) – As comfortable as a pair of stonewashed khakis, this warm brown adds an air of cozy warmth to any space.

Puritan Gray HC-164

Puritan Gray (HC-164) – A darker grey that has lustrous depth, this sleek shade conveys a sense of history and contemplation.

Puritan Grey Room

No wonder Puritan Gray is one of Candice Olsen’s picks. This colour is both sophisticated and welcoming.

Thundercloud Gray 2124-40

Thundercloud Gray (2124-40) – Reminiscent of thunderclouds on a distant horizon, this classic mid-tone grey captures the simplicity of a cool summer rain.

Lead Gray 2131-30

Lead Gray (2131-30) – This moody, midnight shade of deep gray adds a layer of masculinity to a library or gentleman’s study.

Pike's Peak Gray 2127-50

Pike’s Peak Gray (2127-50) – Capturing the beauty of the Colorado mountain for which it is named, this tranquil shade of grey suggests a soaring, snow covered summit.

Croquet Af-455

Croquet (AF-455) – This refreshing, unfussy shade of green inspires thoughts of rosemary and mint, introducing an air of calm contentment.

Smoke 2122-40

Smoke 2122-40 – This colour is not only a favourite of Candice Olsen. Our decorators love this colour for many rooms because it can infuse a space with comfort and contemporary style.

Flora AF-470

Flora AF-470 – Pairing effortlessly with contemporary and traditional furnishings, this rich mid-tone green has an earthy, organic quality that’s warm and welcoming.

Manchester Tan HC-81

Manchester Tan (HC-81) – Suggesting the striking sandstone façade and sculptural detail of historic Manchester Town Hall, this neutral on the khaki side is classic and elegant.

Fairview Taupe HC-85

Fairview Taupe (HC-85) – A graceful, deep taupe, this easy-on-the-eye neutral creates a refined backdrop for other colours.

Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) – A go-to grey that is timeless and modern. It is earthy and organic creating a setting that feels distinctly personal.

Ylang Ylang AF-305

Ylang Ylang (AF-305) – Meaning “the flowers of flowers,” tranquil ylang ylang is a calm, meditative yellow. Like the fragrance of the tropical flower, this shade will relieve stress and anxiety.

Lacey Pearl 2108-70

Lacey Pearl (2108-70) – As lustrous as its namesake, this light and likeable off-white is charming and timeless.

Niveous OC-36

Niveous (OC-36) – Sheer and sophisticated, this pale off-white with just a hint of colour, evokes shadows reflecting on fresh fallen snow.

Pale Oak OC-20

Pale Oak (OC-20) – Reminiscent of the majestic white oak, this beautiful neutral is graceful and elegant, conveying a sense of style and quiet restraint.

Horizon Gray 2141-50

Horizon Gray (2141-50) – Grey with just a hint of green, this muted shade evokes a misty harbour setting adding a welcome dose of tranquility to any room.

Cedar Key OC-16

Cedar Key (OC-16) – A crisp, confident neutral, charming cedar key is reminiscent of coastal driftwood.

Amulet AF-365

Amulet (AF-365) – A touch of yellow brightens this warm and toasty tan, creating a natural shade that works beautifully in any room.

Amulet Kitchen

An unexpected pairing of grey cabinetry and golden yellow walls is refreshing and contemporary. The warmth of the yellow is balanced nicely with the gray (Storm AF-700)

Golden Straw 2152-50

Golden Straw (2152-50) – Rich but not saturated, this versatile golden yellow mirrors the beauty of a summertime field.

Abalone 2108-60

Abalone (2108-60) – This is a never-fail neutral. It is classic and charming.

Creekside Green 2141-40

Creekside Green (2141-40) – This is a richly saturated reminiscent of a stroll alongside a quiet creek bed on a warm summer’s day.

Ashley Gray HC-87

Ashley Gray (HC-87) – Elegant and rich, this muted shade of grey has a slight olive tint pairs well with satiny hardwood floors.

 Ashley Grey Walls with stencil

A timeless Ashley Gray (HC-87) paired with a modern stencil accent creates a fresh, contemporary vibe.

Old Prairie 2143-50

Once of Candice Olsen’s Favourite Colours: Old Prairie (2143-50)

Pewter 2121-30

Pewter (2121-30) – Pairing crisply with glossy white trim, this rich shade of grey has remarkable depth and presence.

Portland Gray 2109-60

Portland Gray (2109-60) – Inspired by Portland’s temperate climate, this effortlessly easy shade of grey is a cool classic with spellbinding softness and subtlety.

Winter Lake 2129-50

Winter Lake (2129-50) – A soothing shade for any room, this distinctive mid-tone grey has the earthy richness of blue slate.

Anchor Gray 2126-30

Anchor Gray (2126-30) – A weighted and wonderfully rich grey, this strong, concentrated shade has style and intensity. Balance its depth with crisp trim.

Amazon Soil 2115-30

Amazon Soil (2115-30) – A hint of black gives this pronounced shade of deepest mauve its rich, velvety quality. Dramatically dark, it inspires a sense of tranquility.

Amazon Soil (2115-30; Walls)

Amazon Soil (2115-30; Walls), Mountain Peak White (OC-121; Trim), Frappe (AF-85; Ceiling)

Brewster Gray (HC-162)

Brewster Gray (HC-162) – Timeless and traditional, this gracious blue-gray recalls historic, ivy-covered stone buildings on a storied college campus.

Gray Mirage 2142-50

Gray Mirage (2142-50) – An understated green with grey tones, grey mirage invites relaxation and calm. Perfect for turning a bedroom or bath into a tranquil sanctuary.

Red Oxide 2088-10

Red Oxide (2088-10) – A deep romantic red that is earth and expressive.

Sanctuary AF-620

Sanctuary (AF-620) – This airy, almost weightless shade of light purple is gentle and feminine, imparting a soft luminous glow.

Rust 2175-30

Rust (2175-30) – This richly saturated shade of classic rust gives a pop of refined colour to a dining room or study.

Revere Pewter HC-172

Revere Pewter (HC-172) – This colour is not only Candice Olsen’s Favourite! We tint at lease one gallon of this every day in the paint store.

Revere Pewter Image 1

Revere Pewter (HC-172; walls) and the ceiling is used as the 5th wall in this image. Pomegranate (AF-295) adds a sense of drama to the space without overwhelming it.

Revere Pewter HC-172

Another example of Revere Pewter (HC-172) – No wonder it is one of Candice Olsen’s go to colours!

Elephant Gray 2109-50

Elephant Gray (2109-50) – A playful pachyderm is the colour inspiration for this versatile, go-anywhere shade of grey.

Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60

Mt. Rainier Gray (2129-60) – Taking its colour cue from its namesake mountain’s abundant glacial ice, this stately shade of blue-gray is soft and sophisticated.

Lapland AF-410

Lapland (AF-410) – This easy-to-use neutral is deep but not too dark, adding just the right depth of colour to a foyer or family room.

Chelsea Gray HC-168

Chelsea Gray (HC-168) – Like a well-dressed gentleman, this gracefully urbane shade of grey adds a sophisticated, scholarly quality to a den or library.

Mellowed Ivory 2149-50

Mellowed Ivory (2149-50) – An inviting shade that pairs well with greys and brighter shades of green, this elegant, easygoing yellow-green is simple yet surprisingly rich.

 Dark Olive 2140-30

Dark Olive (2140-30) – Fresh yet familiar – this super-saturated shade of olive immediately adds dimension to any living space.

Caliente AF-290

Caliente (AF-290) – Hot, passionate, and sexy, this is one of our most beloved reds.

Seashell OC-120

Seashell (OC-120) – Taking its colour cue from shells found on a seaside stroll, this neutral shade captures the delicate beauty of one of nature’s most beautiful accessories.

Stone Harbor 2111-50

Stone Harbor (2111-50) – This is a classic, elegant gray. It confers a sense of spaciousness that makes it ideal for small bedrooms and areas like hallways and mudrooms.

Gray Owl OC-52

Gray Owl (OC-52) – Grey owl is an all-out unadorned, approachable colour that pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances in a modern kitchen.

Cloud White OC-130

Cloud White (OC-130) – This is a timeless white for Benjamin Moore and a favourite not only among designers but also customers. It adds a touch of warmth to any canvas.

Tempest AF-590

Tempest (AF-590) – A moody marriage of grey and purple.

Tempest AF-590

Tempest (AF-590; walls), Subtle (AF-310; Ceiling), Handmade (AF-325; Ceiling Breams)

Wind Chime AF-465

Wind Chime (AF-465) – A hint of yellow gives this sweet shade of green a reliable brightness that feels crisp, confident and harmonious.

Desert Twilight 2137-40

Desert Twilight (2137-40) – Captures the colour of a still desert at twilight – the anchoring shade of olive green is bold and masculine.

Eclipse 2132-40

Eclipse (2132-40) – A beautifully dramatic blue-gray.

Van Courtland Blue HC-145

Van Courtland Blue (HC-145) – A decorative Old World blue that works equally well in more contemporary spaces, this timeless shade effortlessly spans a range of styles and sensibilities.

Feather Gray 2127-60

Father Gray (2127-60) – A smooth and subtle backdrop, this feather gray mirrors the quiet stillness of early dawn.

Brown Horse 2108-30

Brown Horse (2108-30) – Deep and dependable, this uncomplicated shade of brown mirrors the velvety softness of a thoroughbred.

Mascarpone AF-20

Mascarpone (AF-20) – This is a soft and subtle off-white with a small, minimal yellow undertone to achieve the versatility and creamy richness of its namesake cheese.

Nimbus Gray 2131-50

Nimbus Gray (2131-50) – This cool mid-tone gray evokes memories of an early winter walk on a deserted windswept beach.

Stone 2112-40

Stone (2112-40) – This neutral bridges between taupe and brown with effortless ease. Stone is soulful and stylish, with an air of mystery.

Gentle Cream OC-96

Gentle Cream (OC-96) – This exquisite, slightly darker cream is soothing and richly shaded. It is a beautiful cream that will be subtle and not too yellow.

Sea Haze 2137-50

Sea Haze (2137-50) – As beautifully complex as polished sea glass, sea haze is a mid-toned neutral that is muted to a soothing, multi-faceted shade.