Colour Trends 2014

We are excited to announce that Benjamin Moore has released their new 2014 colour forecast. In order to come up with their predictions, Benjamin Moore sends out designers to observe what is happening in design, fashion, cars, and also to asses the global climate.

Read more to see their predictions and an explanation of them.

We see that people are focusing on what matters to them.

This idea has been related to how people react to their interiors and how people want to live with colour. You will see colour being used as a neutral to blend in with the space, melt into the surroundings and compliment the calm.

Introducing Benjamin Moore’s 2014 colour of the year:

Breath of Fresh Air (806)

Breath of Fresh Air (806) is versatile and has the ability to transform a space. You will see this colour repeated in many places throughout the world of interior design and décor as well as fashion.

The space can be modern, traditional or transitional and Breath of Fresh Air will create a pleasing atmosphere that will balance the elements of your room.

It will work in your kitchen, living room, or even your dining room ceiling! You can bring this colour into your home to revive and enhance your space – giving your home a true breath of fresh air.


The palette we assembled ranges from tints of colours to deep darks with many possibilities for colour pairings and combinations.

We are looking at the palette for 2014 as the hypothetical palette for a home.  The ways the colours work together is harmonious and will create colour flow from one space to the next.

We are using the term “new neutrals” as a new way to look at tints of colour. For a colour to be considered neutral it does not have to be beige or grey, rather a soft blue or green can be used for the backdrop of a space and will create a canvas for other colours and materials to pop while complementing the wall colour.

These walls were painted in Fruit Shake in Aura Interior Matte with the trim in White Dove in ADVANCE Pearl.

Fresh pastel pinks such as Peach Parfait, Fruit Shake and Coral Essence are feminine and sophisticated, especially when paired with Clay Beige, White Dove and Distant Gray.

In this image we can see how natural light plays a role in how colour is viewed within a space.

Many people have asked us if the wall on the right side of the fireplace is painted a different colour from the left.  And the answer is no, we wanted to photograph the rooms in a way that expresses how light plays with colour, and allows it to appear differently throughout the day.  To the right of the fireplace are tall French doors that bring lots of light into the room, and this image illustrates the way that a colour such as Fruit Shake becomes more interesting because of the lighting in the room.

The image on the right is an illustration of Fruit Shake 2088-60 executed in Aura Bath and Spa with a Matte finish for the walls. The raised paneling and mantle painted are painted in ADVANCE in a semi-gloss finish, also in Fruit Shake 2088-60. The bead board ceiling is also painted in Aura Bath and Spa, in White Dove OC-17.

What makes Aura Bath & Spa different from Aura Interior?  Simply put, Aura Bath and Spa is formulated specifically for bathrooms and other potentially wet or humid areas, including kitchens. This product is specially formulated to lock out moisture and resists moisture penetrating the painted film, in addition to being mildew resistant.

Plus, we are no longer limited to higher sheen levels for bathrooms – with Aura Bath and Spa you can achieve a matte finish in a bathroom, which breaks the old rule of using a semi-gloss finish on bathroom walls.

Here we are looking at the lavender and plum hues of Lavender Mist, Nightingale, Iced Mauve, Super Nova, and Black Satin. The wall in this image is painted with Lavender Mist 2070-60 in Benjamin Moore Natura, Flat.

On the topic of finishes and sheens, very often people are curious as to what the differences between flat and matte. Both flat and matte sheen are the most forgiving in the case of wall imperfections especially if the surface you are painting is less than perfect.

**Note, the image on the right shows the range of hues in the lavender/plum family in a matte finish. These vases are by the artist Rina Minardi, this image was taken at the Milan Furniture Fair. The colour team loves Rina Minardi’s use of colour and used her work as a source of inspiration as we developed the 2014 trend card.

In the image on the left, the hint of wall is painted with Elemental AF-400 in Aura Interior Matte, with the door and trim painted with ADVANCE Pearl in Super Nova 1414. The adjoining board batten walls also painted with Super Nova 1414 in Aura Interior Matte.

In this room shot we used a matte finish on the walls, and to maintain softness we chose a pearl finish for the trim. Had we selected a high-gloss paint for the millwork, trim and the doors, the look would have been a bit more dramatic and pronounced highlight.

Maximizing the effects of texture and how that can be highlighted with sheen is a way to add layers of interest to a room. Here, the brick wall has an inherent texture that is softened with a matte finish.

In a high gloss finish the look would be quite different and the texture of the wall would be far more pronounced through highlights on the uneven surface of the brick. Gloss can also cause a colour to ‘read’ differently due to the amount of light reflected.

In several of the images you’ve seen thus far we used our product ADVANCE, Waterborne Alkyd on trim, millwork and doors. So what is ADVANCE and what makes it different from a product in a semi-gloss or pearl finish?

ADVANCE offers the application and performance of traditional oil paints in a waterborne formula.  It is a water dispersible alkyd developed with proprietary resins that keep it a low VOC product even after tinting.  What does that mean? ADVANCE is a great alternative to traditional oil (alkyd) products.  Many people (designers) like the look of an alkyd for its smoothness and finish achieved through a long “open time” and levelling qualities.  With the increasing number of restrictions on traditional alkyd products, ADVANCE offers the best of both worlds – the look of an alkyd in a product that is low in VOCs. ADVANCE is available in a high gloss finish (our highest gloss level available), semi-gloss and pearl.

The wainscoting in this image is painted in Elemental AF-400 with ADVANCE, Pearl

In both images we used our colour of the year Breath of Fresh Air in Aura Interior, Matte. In the image on the left, the hint of base trim was painted in White Dove OC-17 in ADVANCE Semi-Gloss.

The blue family is key for 2014, and we have seen the full range from soft to dark to greyed to bold.  Plus we’ve noted various blues used in combination. The blue family is a perfect choice for walls, doors and ceilings – its versatility and universal appeal make this a colour that fits our definition of a “new neutral”.

The blue family is key for 2014, and we have seen the full range from soft to dark to greyed to bold. Plus we’ve noted various blues used in combination.

The blue family is a perfect choice for walls, doors and ceilings – its versatility and universal appeal make this a colour that fits our definition of a “new neutral”.

People often ask about the rules on where colour should be applied – with colour on ceilings being a popular topic. A dark colour can give the look of a ceiling being endless, or it can help to create a cozy feel to a room. Likewise, a lighter colour can add an unexpected detail or complement call colours – another step to tie an entire room together. Take the bones of the space into consideration and do not be bound by rules – a painted ceiling can enhance a space, and the blue family lends itself well to experimentation with the ceiling colour – the fifth wall.

In the image on the left the wide bead board wall is painted with Aura Bath & Spa, while the staircase to the right is painted with Porch and Floor Paint.

Our colour story around the blue family continues in the images seen here with Breath of Fresh Air mimicking the soft blues in the glassware to the left.

And on the right Van Alen Green and Palladian Blue are used with Breath of Fresh Air to create a soft pastel look that plays with optics causing us to contemplate where one colour ends and the next colour begins.


The palette works seamlessly, whether you live on a farm in the country, in a cottage at the beach or in a loft in the city. These looks are designed to inspire and offer starting points for your own creativity.

Historic Charleston Townhouse

A street of pastel townhouse facades, a colour palette inspired by a romantic bouquet of flowers fresh from the cutting garden.

Nova Scotia Cottage

Moody grey skies, white caps on rugged seas, driftwood, a handful of tumbled pastel sea glass inspire the paint scape of this coastal cottage.

Connecticut Farmhouse

Warm, saturated colours inspired by the patinas and pigments of the surrounding countryside…stone walls, fields of greens, golds and neutrals.

Brooklyn Loft

A palette inspired by painted brick walls, … cast iron. Design details… ingenuity.

Florida Plantation House

A medley of whites, inspired by a palette of crushed oyster shells, sandy beaches and white canvas design scheme. Coastal views outside the windows inspire the application of blue accent walls.


This palette is a reaction to all the colour cues that we have noticed popping up in the home furnishing industry… textiles, carpets, wallpapers, tabletops and pottery, as well as colour schemes that emerge in landscape design, the auto industry, fashion, and graphics.

As colour rarely exists in isolation, we have designed a palette of 23 colours that work well together. There is harmony among the colours. There is an art to sequencing colour from one room to another—hallways are the arteries of the house, rooms radiate off the hallways and this palette helps the transition because the colours flow seamlessly.

We’ve detected a ‘lighter touch’, hints, whispers, tints of colour. Shifts to pastels without looking too ‘candy’, too ‘Easter egg’ which is an exciting message for us, a colour company. We’ve begun to see a shift away from grey to tints of blues, greens, lavenders and pinks. Pastels, softened and filtered, to lift the spirit but not shout too loud… colours that can make a room happy, flatter your possessions and your art. We call these the new neutrals.

These colours have proven to be flexible; pair Breath of Fresh Air with Van Deusen Blue or HC-156, you punch up a strong blur story. Pair it with Flint AF-560 and it transitions to a more sophisticated, more understated statement.

Personal expression is the best expression. We are here to make the selection easier. You want to pick a colour that is enduring, resonates and is signature to your personal style. This is What Matters.

This introduction is the beginning of our colour conversation for 2014. 

Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director
Benjamin Moore & Co.

Use colour, product and sheen to tell your colour story and create the envelope for your space that will complement your home.


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