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A Splash Of Colour For A Family Business 

For Thoma Doehring, Port Coquitlam businesswoman and owner of Tri-City Paint & Decorating, helping customers create their own warm and colorful place keeps her busy and happy.

“When we decided to start this family business in 1992, I thought that I would be doing the bookkeeping and such, considering that the bulk of our customers would be contractors, painters and husbands,” Thoma recalls. “Was I ever wrong! The ladies kept coming in for ideas and bringing the products home for their ‘honey-do’ list. Then I started going to people’s homes and helping them on-site.”

While trends come and go, the owner/design consultant says one of the biggest changes has been the development of more environmentally conscious products. “One of the major changes that we are embracing currently is the global trend to go ‘Green,’ and we’re not just talking about the color,” Thoma says. “Everything that is natural and leaves less of a footprint on the environment.”

For Thoma, the mother of two, the transformation of a room to a living space can be dramatic or subtle; whatever matches the personality of the people who inhabit it. The art of designing is something that she has embraced. “Now,  I am a self-professed color-and-design junkie. Not only do I spend my day helping customers find their personal style, but when I get home I am re-decorating, renovating or simply have my nose in a new design magazine with the television on HGTV,” she says.

“It all comes down to having a good ear for listening and a good eye for the possibilities. From redesigning a living room to creating an indoor connectivity to an outdoor room, the possibilities are endless.”

Benjamin Moore, Tri-City Paint 1992


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