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A new coat of Benjamin Moore exterior paint or stain adds beauty and richness to your home’s exterior.

But you may be wondering…

  • Which exterior paint or stain should I use?
  • Do I need a primer?

Protect what matters with exterior paints that…

last, add beauty & enhance the value of your home.


What to look for in an Exterior Paint:


Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to adhere to exterior surfaces, and resist cracking and peeling caused by weathering, sunlight and abrasion.


With virtually no spattering, Benjamin Moore paints are designed for easy application and outstanding, flawless results.


Benjamin Moore paints are made from the highest quality materials, so they deliver superior hide, completely covering any stain or previous colour on your home’s exterior surface.


Exterior finishes are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. Thanks to our proprietary GENNEX colourant technology, our paints and stains are able to resist fading and maintain their original colour – even in the darkest shades!


Mildew is prevalent in moist, humid and warm climates. Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to resist the growth of mould and mildew for a freshly painted look that lasts.


Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint 

When you get Aura, you are getting Colour Lock™ technology which gives you more than 10 years integrity and maximum fade resistance for your colour. It simply won’t fade over time.

It is also more durable against the elements. Aura thickness allows for optimal flow, leveling and coverage. That’s why Benjamin Moore calls it the best paint they’ve ever made.

Regal ® Select Waterbourne Exterior Paint

Regal® Select Waterborne Exterior Paint

Regal delivers the classic application and superior performance you expect from the Benjamin Moore name for your exterior jobs. The paint levels out for a nice clean and level finish while also securing protection from mildew and minimizing dirt and dust pick up.
Regal is available in Flat, Low Lustre, and Soft Gloss

Ultra Spec® Exterior Paint

Ultra Spec Exterior is a durable, fade-resistant paint that is quick-drying and easy to work with for any project. Our professional coating: it can be used in temperatures as low as 4.4◦C, and has mildew-resistant properties to provide a long-lasting beautiful finish.

Ultra-Spec Exterior is available in Flat, Satin, and Gloss finishes.

Benjamin Moore Flooring Solutions®

Benjamin Moore Flooring Solutions is designed to meet all your floor coating needs – including interior and exterior floors, decks, stairs, concrete and masonry surfaces. It can be made in a wide variety of colours. Its satin finish brings optimal scuff resistance to grease, soaps, and detergents.

This product may be applied to primed wood or new and/or previously painted concrete. (See a store professional for information about optimal etching and coverage on concrete). In garages or driveways, car tires should be parked on runners or mats to maintain film durability.

Below is an image of an inviting porch leaves a lasting impression thanks to the dramatic, grounding effect of the Hodley Red (HC-65) floor color. This dark, warm hue blends well with the wicker furnishings and serves as the ideal contrast to the cool gray body color and the airy trim.

The body of the house and the ceiling is Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) and the Trim in Cotton Balls (OC-122). 


Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain

This stain increases the natural beauty of your exterior woods while maintaining durability. It is available as a solid stain which will cover up imperfections while still showing the wood texture that paint would otherwise eliminate. The solid stain can be made in most of our Benjamin Moore colours.

Semi-Solid and Semi-Transparent can be made in select colours.
The Translucent Arborcoat is a one-coat product offering the best preservation of your natural wood look. You will be able to appreciate the wood grains year round.

If you have anything outside and made of wood – Arborcoat will do the job!

“I am so pleased with this product! I used it a few years ago on my deck and now on my planters around my yard. It’s nice to have so many different options to create that west coast look at home.”
- David

Exterior Stain Prep Products

Benjamin Moore offers four prep products for decks and siding including Remove, Restore, Brighten, and Clean. These products can be used to properly prepare the wood surfaces for the staining job.

If you are trying to bring your wood back to life, take a picture of your project and bring it in to one of our professionals. We will be sure to find a solution for you!

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