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Fresh Start® Premium Primers

Fresh Start is available as a drywall Primer/Sealer, or an All-Purpose Interior/Exterior Primer.

The all-purpose primer will provide you with the tough adhesion you’ll need for painting difficult surfaces such as wood, masonry and metal. It cleans up with soap and water for an easy end to your project.

Choose from specialty products that solve problems with stains, moisture damage, tannin bleeding and other common issues. Our complete line of premium primers ensures the best possible results by providing the proper foundation for every finish coat.

Odorless Primer/Sealer

This is an oil primer available in a flat, white ceiling finish with stain blocking properties. It is perfect to cover water stains and much more. If you need the proper adhesion on your wood cabinets, fresh drywall, metal doors, or stained ceilings, then this product will have you covered without dealing with any awful odours. Within two hours you will be able to top-coat with any of our premium interior coatings.


Whether you are in need of primer for your whole exterior, interior cabinets, fresh drywall, or metal surfaces, the fast drying and sealing properties of Prime lock will give your project the clean slate it needs for new paint. The toughest stains from bleeding woods, crayons, and smoke or water damage are no match for the sealing properties of Prime Lock. After just one hour you will be able to top-coat with any of our premium interior or exterior coatings.

Stix ®

Stix is a miracle product for some of the most challenging project surfaces and temperatures. Among its common uses for wood or drywall, Stix can also prime on top of glass, galvanized metals, plastic, glazed blocks, and glossy paints. This product has the unique capabilities to be applied in temperatures as low as 4.4 degrees, allowing more time for exterior painting in our West Coast climate. Stix is another soap and water cleanup and can be re-coated after three hours.



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